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Manage Deals in One Place: The Journey to Notes

Thousands of people working in commercial real estate are feeling the mounting pressure of closing more deals. Finding new opportunities, managing a growing pipeline, and staying organized are challenges that everyone in the industry faces. We recently spoke with a customer that defined their biggest goal as, “volume, volume, volume!” We agree! You can never have too many leads in your funnel, but your ability to keep your activity and thoughts about those leads is equally important.

Reonomy’s goal is to empower clients to quickly and easily find opportunities tailored to their deal criteria. Our clients have transformed their businesses using Reonomy to find leads, but the process wasn’t perfect: they needed somewhere to write their notes on each property.

We know how incredibly important organization and efficiency is in this industry and we knew we could help improve it.

The Reonomy Team reviewed feedback from our customers along with our internal sales and customer success teams to design a notes feature that would help our customers manage their deals more efficiently.

We are happy to announce that this week, we launched Notes. Now, you can still find the same amazing opportunities, but you can also add your own details to any property in the database. Log in the next hour, day or week and always know where you left off.

If you are interested in hearing about how Reonomy can help you find and manage deals, we would love to talk to you.

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